A Family Mishap On The Day Prior To The Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Bootcamp Event

An hour into this long awaited bonus day -Rockstar Marketing Bootcamp, I get a text from my husband that my father and my son’s girlfriend just got in to a car accident.

As shocked as I was…I hung on to the words… “but they are ok.”

I kept optimistic and continued to enjoy listening to the marketing genius…Craig Duswalt and other entrepreneurs in the room….

UNTIL…. and I mean UNTIL…

I received a horrific picture of my dad with blood on his forehead to which I let out a pretty loud gasp …everything was a blur after that.

I left the room in utter shock and tears.  I thought this picture did not look like my father was okay at all!!!

My father by the way is 71. He has had 3 strokes and a super duper (if this is a word) warrior of a dad!  I can honestly say he lives his life with passion.  I have never met anyone with such strong determination to keep going despite the unforgiving health limitations that the aging process brings about …along with other complications of certain ailments that he has dealt with along the way.

He is kind, humble, forgiving, supportive, and a very helpful man, father, husband, friend etc…to everyone.  A person you can truly depend on when you need help, encouragement or support.  A true family man.

Even with the current challenges after a 3 strokes, he shouldn’t be left alone, but he remains helpful, productive, and of sound mind.  I am very grateful!  He has a great sense of humor and will laugh at some of the limitation he faces.  Now depending on how tired he is, he tends to walk sideways or stooped…making a comment while laughing…that he walks like he had something to drink.

I can’t get over at how determined he is to fix things around the house and how meticulous he maintains his garden outside.  One time the deer got into his garden and ate most of the broccoli leaves that was just starting to grow.   I thought he would be upset…but instead said…that the deer was very lucky it had a nourishing meal that day.

Anyway, back to…

The Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Bootcamp Event

and this unexpected family mishap…


After numerous phone calls to figure out what truly happened and after several conversations after…  and almost 2 hours missing from the event, I get another picture of my father after he received 5 internal stitches and 11 external stitches to the right forehead/eyebrow area.  Not what I wanted to see…as it only confirms how big and how badly he was injured.  But despite the injury the picture showed my dear dad with this sort of grin or smile that kinda said…Hey guys…I’m alive and definitely okay!

It was such a gut wrenching experience from my end of it -as I totally felt helpless and unable to offer help or support.  All I could do was wait and was so close to ending the event early…but…God is Good, everything worked out and I was able to recollect myself and move onward and forward and back into the event.  I was glad to catch a bit of the  behind the scenes look at stage set up.

So, instead of letting this mishap take control, I decided to get even and offer encouragement to others who are experiencing some sort of challenges as well…to keep going and to dig deep down to find that source of inner strength and keep going.

Instead of worrying and sulking…I turned that around, switched my thinking.  Check out the video below:


I believe that though adversities derail us and take us down, we fight with resiliency and get back up fighting, tougher and stronger!

It is my deepest wish that for those of you who need an extra source of courage, strength, love and hope…

……that you either find it from within or through others or from a divine source far greater and powerful than your own or anyone else.

Just know that as we live, we all face some sort of challenges, adversities, hardships, limitations, …some sort of test whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

If you can recall, you have overcome so many of these so called limitations and have experienced many successes as well.  There may have been times where you felt there was no hope of a resolution…but just in the nick of time, there was hope, an answer, a gift, a friend to offer a helping hand or someone who would listen, an unexpected aid or some sort of turn of events for the better…a LIGHT at the end of the tunnel!

I encourage you to keep going! Keep moving forward! You’ve done it before …you can do it again!  No matter what happens, DO NOT LOSE HOPE…because YOU are SPECIAL!  YOU are WORTHY and VALUABLE!

GOD Loves me as GOD Loves YOU!

Hang in there! Pray and Ask for help!

My love goes out to you!  Be Strong My Friend … Just like I had to be today…and keep going!

…And to My Warrior DAD.  I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!  May God keep you strong, alive and well!  I wish and pray for your speedy recovery dad!  God Bless YOU!

Till my next post…

Choose to keep strong and keep going…

Choose life, choose love, choose to live amazing!

Thank you God for keeping my Dad alive.  I am grateful!

Maria Cabalu

A Family Mishap On The Day Prior To The Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Bootcamp Event

Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Marketing Bootcamp… Super Phenomenal!

Just arrived in the beautiful city of Los Angeles!  Wow am I super excited to be here!

Just imagine… Craig Duswalt, the marketing genius in the Rockstar World here in LA to help many entrepreneurs, including myself boost our marketing skills in the most out of the box way.  Cool or what!

The first time I heard him speak was at the Guerilla Business School (Peak Potential Event).  Boy were we blown away.  He was original, funny, smart, an expert in his field and just super authentic!

So naturally, I couldn’t wait to take his training.

It hasn’t been that long since the last time I visited LA.  The last time was just 4 months ago.  I haven’t changed my mind at how beautiful Los Angeles City is.   The ambience, the nice breeze, the palm trees, the hospitality… truly amazing!

Now it’s just a matter of hours before this great event…
Here’s a brief glimpse of what awaits…

Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Marketing Bootcamp… Super Phenomenal!

Checked in at the Sheraton where this event is taking place, I feel will be advantageous because the event looks like a full day event.  There will definitely be more time to do other things with the time saved from commuting back and forth had we picked an alternative hotel.

I would have preferred a hotel with free wifi but then again, I definitely like the convenience of just going up to my room after an event rather than calling a taxi to get to my hotel outside the event.

I have to say that personally, I had some challenges getting here.  Almost never made it due to other things getting in the way.

I definitely didn’t want to leave my dad while my mom was in Winnipeg visiting my Grandma who was recovering from a stroke.  However, my husband is back and opened an opportunity for me to travel and attend this event.

As late as it is now, I feel somewhat energized due to the anticipation of what’s to come.  Tomorrow is going to be a great day!  We meet with Craig Duswalt on a special bonus day to connect with him as he shares and shows us behind the scenes marketing skills and tactics and a chance to meet other like minded individuals.

Till my next post…
sayonara… the Japanese word for goodbye …for now that is – until my next post. :-)

Maria Cabalu

More on this phenomenal Marketing Genius >>Craig Duswalt…tomorrow.

In the meantime…
If you want to find out more about what I do…
visit: www.wealth2day.com


Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Marketing Bootcamp… Super Phenomenal!



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